ehB Estate Agents

Every year we create a new campaign for ehB and a few are shown above. We like to have a theme that runs through so that ads are easily recognisable and each ad builds on the last. The imagery is important and we take our time choosing the right ones, combined with clever headlines and compelling text these ads stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Company Name: ehB Estate Agents
Date: Febuary 2020

We have been an established name in the Warwickshire area for over 25 years now and in that time we have helped thousands of people buy, sell and rent all sorts of properties in all price sectors. We’ve found the perfect homes for first time buyers, growing families and retirees and fantastic flats for tenants. We’ve helped landlords secure their income and have done this right across Warwickshire. 

Thoughts & Ideas

We drafted up a proposal and created custom designs and ideas in sketches & wireframes.

Finalising The Design

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the designs.

Building The Adverts

We created the designs on a mix of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop, using the brands colours with engaging imagery and witty captions.

The Requirements

ehB approached us many years ago to do some advertising material for them and since then, they come back every year to get a fresh set of materials made with a new feel and a different approach.

This year they wanted stand out text which caputred attention and spoke to the audience in a friendly and relatable tone.

The Result

The end result was some very engaging advertising material that has helped to boost sales for ehB and they have been extremely happy with the end outcome and have told us they look forward to seeing what we do next year.


We have worked with GHOST for many years now and go back to them every year to get a re-vamp on our advertising material and they manage to innovate and impress every time! Great team and very cost effective.

Edward Bromwich

Managing Director, ehB Estate Agents