Case Study (brand-identity)

Bloomery Cotswolds

Bloomery is a Floral design company based in the Cotswolds. The owner came to us with an idea and a name and we went from there. We initially created the logo and that went on to stationery, leaflets, tags, and a beautiful website created in Squarespace to keep the cost as low as possible but maintain the quality feel that the client wanted. 


Company Name: Bloomery Cotswold
Date: January 2020

They believe in working with the environment and don’t use oasis-type floral foam in their designs. The floral foam takes many years to break down, can’t be composted or recycled. In season they buy as many flowers as they can from local flower growers to support the local economy.

Thoughts & Ideas

We drafted up a proposal and created custom logo designs, colours and fonts.

Finalising The Brand

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the Brand.

Building the Brand

We created the logo, stationery, leaflets, tags, a website & most recently a van with branded graphics on it.

The Requirements

Bloomery Cotswold approached us about their new brand and needed our help to bring it to life. They had the idea for a floral specialist company that would stand out from the market by being environmentally conscious and locally sourced.

They needed us to create the brand from the ground up, starting with the logo concepts and up to promotional items, a website, and vehicle graphics. 

The Result

Working on the brand, we quickly had a concept for the logo and got to work on ironing out the details of fonts, colours and style. The client was extremely happy with what we produced and wanted us to go on to build a website to match the brand.


I chose Ghost because a friend of mine had used them in the past and recommended them to me. The team was easy to work with and very creative, I couldn’t be more pleased with how they have created a brand that I can honestly say I’m proud of.

Allyson Martain

Owner, Bloomery Cotswolds