Case Study (Design for print)

Exhibition Graphics

Ebco is a local company that saw the future in electric bikes years ago. Having previously owned a well-known bike brand they sold up and moved into the future with EBCO (Electric Bike Company). We have done all sorts over the years including exhibition graphics, catalogs, and designing the graphics for the bikes which is great fun to do.


Company Name: EBCO Electrical Bikes
Date: December 2015

EBCO are a British Company dedicated to producing electric bikes designed for the emerging British e-bike market. Our focus on e-bikes (that`s all we do!!) means all of our knowledge, experience and passion is channeled into distributing the best range of e-bikes for the consumer.

Thoughts & Ideas

We drafted up some ideas of how the graphics could look.

Finalising The Design

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the designs.

Design & Build

We created the designs using a mix of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign, utilisining a clean and minimalistic feel.

The Requirements

We quickly became EBCO’s go to designer as they felt we were very approachable, responsive and priced competitively. They needed some exhibition graphics which stood out from the crowd and ensured that traffic at events was coming their way.

The Result

The graphics were something different and very enjoyable to make, the designs resonated well with the audience and got great feedback from both customers and the client.


We at EBCO electric bikes started to use Ghost some years ago firstly in a small way alongside 2 other design companies. But very soon found ourselves giving more and more work to them until they have become our main `GO-TO` designers. The reason for this is simple, they are approachable, responsive, competitive (price-wise)  very good creatively, and give us a turnkey situation on our design and printing requirements and when briefed leave us to concentrate on other aspects of our business

Paul Stanforth

Managing Director, EBCO Electrical Bikes