Case Study (Design for print)

Genesis Brochure

Genesis is a company of financial advisors who have been using us for several years. The journey started with the branding which progressed onto stationery, brochures, and an initial website. Four years later the company had grown and the website no longer had the capabilities that were required so we took the bones of the site and transferred it to a new WordPress platform which now gives them greater flexibility.


Company Name: Genesis Wealth Creation
Date: January 2021

We are a team of well qualified professional Financial Advisers, who have worked together for many years with various companies, before forming what today is, Genesis Wealth Creation Ltd. We use advanced computer software to research, compare and select the most suitable arrangements currently available in the marketplace.

Thoughts & Ideas

We drafted up some ideas of front covers and page layouts.

Finalising The Design

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of layouts.

Design & Build

We created the review using a mix of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign, utilising a professional and stand out feel.

The Requirements

We have worked with Genesis for many years now and continue to do great work with them, they have approached us many times to do various bits of grahpical and web work but this time they needed a brochure that would help sell their business and stand out from the competition.

The Result

The design unfolded nicely and we feel that we gave them the creative edge over the compeition and the brochure has helped to boost their month on month business by 50%.


We have been working with Terry and his team at Ghost Design Consultants since 2015. Since then he has helped us distinguish our Brand. We started off developing a LOGO that set out what we are about as a company, then, build our website, produce marketing brochures and stationery such as business cards letterheads and footers, etc.

Along the journey, we have had regular meetings to review what we were planning to do with our business and share ideas on how we could work together to make the maximum impact, through our marketing campaigns, partnerships through sponsorships, and supporting local groups and charity events.

We developed a new website together for 2019, having discussed what currently works well and what doesn’t, and adding new innovations.

Roy Perry

Director, Genesis Wealth Creation