Case Study (Design for print)

Simmental Banners

British Simmental is one of the top 5 Cattle societies in the country and we have been designing new print and web solutions for over 6 years. The work is varied and over that last year we have done logos, large format graphics, flyers, brochures, websites and just recently we completed the 250+ page Journal, a review of 2019 the 4th consecutive time we have done it.


Company Name: British Simmental Cattle Society
Date: October 2020

After fifty years of farming and breeding, British Simmental is a unique, modern beef breed full of quality and the demonstrable traits of economic importance that bring profitability to beef producers. You think Simmental and you think of efficient and profitable beef production from grass.

Thoughts & Ideas

Firstly, we drafted up some eye-cataching designs.

Finalising The Design

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the design.

Design & Build

We created the banners using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. With a standout design and a consistent brand feel.

The Requirements

Having worked with Simmental for over six years, they trusted us to create new and fresh designs for their show and event banners.

We worked efficiently to get the banners done on time but ensured a consistently professional design.

The Result

Having a great knolwedge of the company, we were well prepared to get straight on with the job. It wasn’t long until we had our designs mocked up and ready to go. As a result, Simmental were satisfied once again and we loved seeing our designs at the shows.



Ghost Design are a pleasure to work with. They quickly understand concepts, bring ideas and creativity, and go the extra yard to always deliver for the client on time. High quality, professional graphic design from a friendly and understanding team.

Iain Kerr

Breed Secretary, British Simmental Cattle Society