Case Study (Packaging)

Mudwall Pies

Mudwalls are a local company that we have worked alongside on several projects ranging from Juice cartons and bottles to these stunning pie boxes. A lot of time and effort went into producing these and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.


Company Name: Mudwalls
Date: January 2018

Mudwalls’ 250-acre farm is located in the heart of the Ragley Estate in Warwickshire. The farm grows many acres of orchards, producing a variety of apples, plums and fields of vegetables.

Thoughts & Ideas

We drafted up some designs and played with some unique ideas.

Finalising The Design

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the boxes.

Building the Boxes

We created bespoke boxes for their range of pies adhered to their brand guidelines but gave them a creative edge over the competition.

The Requirements

Having done a range of projects with Mudwalls previously, we relished in the opportunity to create designs for their new range of pies, they needed something fresh and different that would stand out from the crowd.

The Result

We started off with some sketches that they loved and we quickly got to work on the digital version and utilising translatable colours which capture the eyes of potential customers.


It was refreshing to work with a company that actually understood our needs and could listen to our wants and make them happen. A great group of people and I would definetely work with them again.

George Beach

Managing Director, Mudwalls