Case Study (web design)

Charlie McLeod is a spin-off business from another of our clients. Set up 8 years ago we branded the company and created an initial website. This year we have redesigned the whole site and produced it in Shopify, giving greater functionality and more scope for a more esthetically pleasing site. 


Company Name: Monogram Group
Date: December 2020

Charlie McLeod stands for a more laid-back way of living. Based near Oxford, in the heart of the British countryside, life is played at a steady pace, a pace that allows our creative teams time to create new and exciting designs and products.

Brief & Draft Design

We drafted up a proposal and created custom wire-frames to give an idea of the initial design.

Proto type & Testing

Once approved, we got to work on testing necessary features and creating core pages and cornerstone content.

Build & Development

We built the site using the Shopify CMS with custom development around the back-end to allow for pre-orders & clothing customisation.

The Requirements

Our friends at Monogram Group approached us with an idea for a Performance Clothing brand called Charlie McLeod and wanted us to create a web presence for it where they could market their products and sell them to the public.

They needed a bespoke built eCommerce site that allowed them to reach new audiences and could sell not only nationally but internationally.

The Result

The website was built on the Shopify CMS platform to allow for smooth online sales, there was functionality built into the site to let customers pre-order products and to add customisation to the products they buy.


Ghost works hard to provide us with design solutions that work for us and provide us with an edge over our competition.

Edward Alfandary

Managing Director, Monogram Group