Case Study (web design)

Warwickshire Gin

The Warwickshire Gin Company website is a standout design that utilizes the Shopify CMS to allow WGC to sell its products online to its customers. With added functionality to allow gin tasting experience bookings, the sleek and modern image-led site is very eye-catching and engaging!


Company Name: Warwickshire Gin Company
Date: April 2020

The Warwickshire Gin Company has been created to combine our love of Gin, with our love of local Warwickshire History.  Gin wasn’t our first ‘go to drink’ but our eyes were opened & our taste buds were tantalised when we discovered that there were many flavour possibilities available. 

Brief & Draft Design

We drafted up a proposal and created custom wire-frames to give an idea of the initial design.

Proto type & Testing

Once approved, we got to work on testing necessary features and creating core pages and cornerstone content.

Build & Development

We built the site using the Shopify CMS with custom development around the custom functionality to allow gin-tasting experience bookings.

The Requirements

The Warwickshire Gin Company approached us with an idea to bring together the rich history of Warwickshire with some great flavours of gin, they needed a website that elegantly portrayed this message and stood out from the crowd.

The Result

We focused on making sure the site was image-led and really engaged with the target audience, taking them on a journey through the history of Warwickshire whilst maintaining that Gin presence throughout.


The team at GHOST really understood what we needed, being based in Warwickshire themselves, they had a great understanding of the rich history of this county and the story we wanted to tell. They brought a creative edge and communicated well throughout the process.

David Blick

Director, Warwickshire Gin Company