CO2 Sphere, ST Pancras

We created this stand alone graphic to raise awareness of the CO2 impact that our Peatlands have, it is currently on display in St Pancras station in London. Restoring the peatlands will lock CO2 in and help in the fight against global warming.

The Requirements

FL Events needed our help to create a stand alone graphic for a sphere that will sit center stage in ST Pancras International Station, they needed the sphere to represent 1KG of CO2 to create awareness of the damage being to our peatlands.They needed to convey the message that every 4 sales in ST Pancras Station in London would result in a donation being made towards the Peatlands project.

The Result

The end result was a simplistic yet effective sphere which will aid in spreading awareness of the Peatlands Project and how customers of ST Pancras International Station can help towards climate change and restoring the Peatlands to lock away harmful CO2 emissions.