Johnsons Lawn Seed Ad

You would be forgiven for thinking adverts for grass seeds would be as boring as watching the grass itself grow. However, with some imagination, we ended up with some ads that were groundbreaking in the industry and got a lot of attention.

Brief & Draft Design

We drafted up a proposal and created custom designs and ideas in sketches & wireframes.

Prototype & Testing

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the designs.

Build & Development

We created the designs on a mix of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop, using the brands colours with engaging imagery and witty captions.

The Requirements

Having done work previously for Johnsons Lawn Seed, we were well equipped to take on the challenge of providing some advertising material for them to use. They needed something engaging that caught attention while standing out from the competition.

The Result

Johnsons Lawn Seed were very pleased with the result and saw 50% more traffic to their social sources and there website as a result of the advertising and are looking to run some new campaigns very soon.