Johnsons Stand Design

One thing we cant do is build stands, but when a client needs one we work with a team that does all the construction while we do what we are good at. Every surface that needs text or an image is our domain and we work hard to make the stand look and ultimately sell the best it can.

Brief & Draft Design

We drafted up some designs and played with some unique ideas around the stand.

Prototype & Testing

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final version of the design.

Build & Development

We created a bespoke stand display that captured their brand and drew customers into the stall.

The Requirements

Johnsons Lawn Seed approached us with an idea to create a unique display stand for an upcoming event, they needed something that would separate them from the competition and stand out.

The Result

The stand looked great and was the most popular at the event, it drew lots of attention and got great feedback. They plan on topping this design next year.