Limousin Journal

The British Limousin Cattle Society is the countries number one beef breed and has been for many years. Our relationship began over twenty years ago when we took an in-house publication and gave it a new look and feel. The transformation drew attention and the Society soon saw the benefit of having their marketing material done professionally.

The Requirements

Limousin are one of our oldest clients and we have continually done their review for many years, they came to us wanting to give this year a special make over with some creative pages and unique designs. They needed it turned around pretty quickly ready for the season but needed it to have that consistent professional feel like in years past.

The Result

This was a job we were well prepared for and quickly got to work on mocking up some ideas, within hours we had fully fledged pages built and the work flow kept moving rapidly. Limousin were very happy with the end result and so were we.