Mudwalls Shaker Pots

As part of the Mudwalls new look packaging range the Blueberry Shaker Pot is one of the first items we designed to hit the shelves. We have been working closely with Mudwalls to bring fresh ideas and designs to their product range packaging and we are excited to show you more as and when they release.

Brief & Draft Design

We drafted up some designs and played with some unique ideas.

Prototype & Testing

Build & Development

We created a shaker pot packaging that made the blueberries pop which freshness and colour whilst adhering to brand guidelines.

The Requirements

Mudwalls came to us with a need to overhaul the packaging of their complete product range, they needed new designs that would help their products stand out from the competition and work their way off the shelves and fridges and into customers baskets.

The Result

To start with, we tackled the shaker pots and found a design that made the on-the-go blueberries pop right off the shelf. We are working on many other packaging designs which are coming very soon!