Semen Store

The Semen Store team came to us with a need to improve the pre-existing ecommerce site to create a better user experience and a much more fluid mobile experience. The new site has been created in a user centric way with ease of use at the heart of the design.

The Requirements

The previous site wasn't mobile friendly at all and fell into an old fashioned boxed layout on desktop which made the site look and feel dated. They wanted something modern and sleek that could bring bull semen sales into the 21st century to appeal to new and existing breeders alike. They wanted the platform to be robust enough to allow submissions of semen for sale directly through the site and to create a hub for semen sales of all breeds across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

The Result

The result is a clean and professional design which is on brand and very easy to navigate. The store is now positioned as the go to platform for semen sales in the cattle industry. Allowing breeders and sellers of all breeds a market place to exchange semen. The site has been designed mobile first meaning that is it fully optimised to work and functional well on all mobile devices, giving customers much more flexibility when using the new website.