Simmental Display Graphics

We are the British Simmental Cattle Societies’ go-to designers for all their creative needs. They needed some branded assets to represent Simmental at an upcoming bull sale. The creative assets needed to help them stand out from the crowd and ensure a strong brand presence.

Brief & Draft Design

We drafted up some designs and played with some unique ideas around the brand.

Prototype & Testing

Once approved, we got to work on ironing out the little details and choosing the final versions of the designs.

Build & Development

We created bespoke brand display graphics that will help spread awareness of the breed and serve as advertisements for the society.

The Requirements

Having worked with the British Simmental Cattle Society and the wider team for many years, they approached us with a need for some creative brand assets to use at an upcoming sale, having recently assisted the society with a re-brand, we were perfectly positioned to create some brand assets to help promote the new and improved look.

The Result

The end result is a great set of brand assets that are re-usable and coherent with the strict brand guidelines. The team were pleased with the results and look forward to having them on show at the sale.